Yard areas



Parking lots and renting a parking space

Tenants have three dedicated parking lots with locked heating boxes. Available parking places at TOAS locations are rented electronically via the eParking service. The parking fee (10 €/month) is paid in the eParking service. More information can be found at TOAS Services. Parking lots have some spaces for short-term quest parking.

See tips how to protect your property.

Parking is free on Tekniikankatu, but the street is very narrow and congested, so long-term parking is not recommended. During winter season (starting 15.10.) alternate side parking is used. In yard areas, parking is allowed only at designated places and the traffic wardens patrol the area regularly.

Snow pusher shovels are available during winter. NB! The maintenance company removes unplugged heating cables, so do not leave them hanging from the outlet.

Recycling and waste collection

Three separate waste collection points are located in the yard area with containers for mixed waste and dedicated bins for recycling biowaste, cardboard, glass, metal, and paper. During the autumn of 2020, yellow-covered plastic collection containers were also added to the collection points. Instructions for sorting waste (especially plastic).

The noticeboards in each house lobby and the Facebook group for tenants are good forums for selling and giving away items.

Tenants must sort & recycle their waste properly. In particular it's NOT OK to dump furniture in corridors, yard areas or the waste collection points! Clean and usable furnitures have free of charge pickup to a recycling center!

Broken and unusable furniture and items must be dismantled / strip down and placed in the appropriate waste bin. The tenant committee provides large dumpsters for free bulk trash pickup twice a year, in spring and autumn – stay tuned for tenant committee announcements on lobby noticeboards, this wiki, and the Facebook group for tenants! Please recycle your waste responsibly, TOAS uses thousands of euros annually to pick up dumped furniture & other abandoned waste from their locations.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) can be returned to stores selling electronics & home appliances. Students of Tampere University can leave their electronic waste to a collection point located in the basement of the Main building in the Hervanta campus.

Collection points for recycling plastic and re-usable textiles can be found at Kierrätys.info. Broken energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, and used batteries can be recycled at grocery stores.

Barbecue spots and firewood

Tenants can enjoy barbecue spots all year round. Tekniikantornit barbecue spot (Tekniikan grilli) is located between Tekniikantorni D and E -blocks. Tieteentornit barbecue spot (Tieteen grilli) is between Tieteentorni B and C -blocks. TOAS supplies free firewood for tenants!

Woodsheds for firewood are located at Tekniikantornit D and Tieteentornit C bicycle sheds. Tenants can use firewood freely, but in moderation – one armful is enough for barbecuing sausage.

Barbecue spot users must:

  • Empty the ash container before starting a fire. Make sure that the ashes do not smolder (fire danger)! Cold ashes can be sprinkled to the thicket at the edge of the yard area.
  • Clean up after themselves: put trashes to trashcans and return tables and benches where they belong!


Each house has a bicycle shed in the yard and a locked storage room for bicycles & other outdoor equipment. It is recommended to prevent theft by always locking bicycles from the frame to a fixed stand. See tips how to protect your property.

Mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles are not allowed in bicycle sheds or storage rooms. Do not leave loose items or anything flammable lying around.

Always remember to shut the lights and lock the bicycle storage room doors!

Cleaning and washing mats & carpets

Sturdy racks for airing out mats & carpets are located next to every house's bike shed. Please dust your home textiles at these racks - do not spread dust and dirt from your balcony to neighbor’s apartments!

Please remember that the washing machines in the laundry room are not suitable for carpets or other heavy textiles. Nearest free to use outdoor carpet washing place with drying racks is at Suolijärvenkatu 7, near the beach. The washing place is open from May to September. Nearest laundromat is located in Turtola shopping centre.

Snow shovels

Tenant committee has purchased snow pusher shovels for clearing out parking spaces and bicycle sheds. Please return the shovels to their proper place so other tenants can find them when needed! The shovels are located near parking lots:

  • Tekniikantornit ABC parking lot across Tekniikankatu: near the municipal electrical enclosure
  • Tekniikantornit DEF parking lot in the slope: near the stairs
  • Tieteentornit: in front of the waste collection point

Do not use snow pusher shovels to hack ice or frozen snow! Tenant committee will store the shovels away for the summer.

Beach volley court

Next to Tekniikantorni D is a sand court for beach volleyball. The net, volleyball, and some other outdoor games can be found at the locker in the Tekniikantorni E's common room. Games can be borrowed freely, but please be sure to return them after use!


Please don't smoke at the balcony! Cigarette smoke spreads very easily to neighbors' apartments through the air ventilation system! For smoking, there are ashtrays outside, located near the building front door.

Sports and outdoor activities

SportUni offers excellent sports facilities in the Tamppi Areena & Bommari for all university students in the Tampere region. Fitness park is located in the front lawn of TUT TAU campus. Various types of exercises can be perfomed in this outdoor gym with the help of bodyweight, barbells, ropes etc. An authentic beach volley court is located behind the rear parking area of Tamppi Areena.

Hervanta even has it's own ski resort and three ski-jump hills.

Sidewalks and footpaths for cycling and walking form a practical network for outdoor recreation, e.g. around Hervanta. Popular routes can be found at the heatmap. There are plenty of well-lit & maintained routes and it's easy to find unpaved sand and gravel roads. The routes marked in the ski trail map (in Finnish) are great for jogging in the summer. During the snow season, it's forbidden to trample the ski trail by foot.
Scenic cycling routes around Kaukajärvi and Pyhäjärvi can be found in the cycling map (in Finnish). Read more about cycling in Tampere.

Hervanta has many outdoor recreation areas that offer all kinds of sports and outdoor activities all year round:

Ahvenisjärvi is a small lake located in the middle of Hervanta. The walking paths surrounding the lake offer the opportunity to closely observe the animals nesting in the area. Near the lake is Ahvenispuisto dog park and two playing fields coated with artificial turf. For the winter season one of the fields is covered with an Air Dome and the second field is converted to an outdoor ice skating rink. Ahvenisjärvi also has a plexipave tennis court and a beach volley court.

Hervanta has an athletics field called Hervannan keskusurheilukenttä (Lindforsinkatu 15) for track and field sports. The football field is not open for public use.

Näyttämönpuisto outdoor recreation area has a good hill for sledding and a 9 hole disc golf course, a dog park and two soccer fields for recreational use.

During winter, the playing fields are used as ice rinks and trail/jogging routes are reserved for skiing. The location and condition of the ice rinks and ski trails is available on the web.

Suolijärvi beach (Suolijärvenkatu 7) has a supervised wc, showers & kiosk, winter swimming facility with sauna and outdoor gym.
A well-lit and graveled, 4,5 km long outdoors trail goes aroung the lake. During snow season the trail is reserved for skiing.
In the Suolijärvi shoreline there is also a nature trail. Brochure (in Finnish).

Two more public swimming beaches are located at Hervantajärvi (Salmenkalliontie 52) and Särkijärvi (Mustankoluntie 41). Information on the water temperature (in Centigrade) and on the amount of algae on the beaches is available on the web (only in Finnish). Instructions how to read the information.
Hervantajärvi nature trail is located on the south side of Ruskontie. The trail goes around a small swamp lake called Makkarajärvi and along it is a forest chapel of the local parish.