Laundry rooms

General info

The laundry room machines can be used every day at 7—22 hrs.
As of 1.1.2018 tenants may book a laundry or a sauna turn in TOASbooking which can be accessed via myTOAS. The laundry room clotheslines can be used freely without any reservations.

One washing cycle lasts about 35—55 min depending on the amount of the laundry and wash temperature. and The Marthas offer laundry tips (in Finnish).

You may book a total of 30 hours worth of laundry time every week, no more than five hours at once, for a maximum of two weeks in advance. Tekniikantornit ABC, DEF and Tieteentornit form three separate key groups, where tenants can access all saunas and laundry rooms in that key group with their apartment key. If you have many loads to wash, please book several machines.

Please don't book too long turns unnecessarily. If you don't need the laundry room or have much time remaining on your turn, please cancel your booking! If you are more than 10 minutes late, your turn will be free for other tenants to use.

Be sure to pick up your clothes and other items at the end of your turn! Tip: Set a timer on your phone to remind you.

If you discover any fault, please submit a fault report. In the urgent matters such as water damages or vandalism, you must call the maintenance company's service number (open 24 h): 010 270 8888.

Please remember that the washing machines in the laundry room are not suitable for rugs or other heavy textiles. Nearest free to use outdoor carpet washing place with drying racks is at Suolijärvenkatu 5, near the Suolijärvi beach. Nearest laundromat is located in Turtola shopping centre.


Tekniikantornit has Talpet HW 64 and Tieteentornit uses slightly newer model Talpet HC 65. Both washers have 6,5 kg capacity (maximum load of laundry). With delicate laundry the recommended washer load is less than half of total capacity. See the manual (in Finnish).

The front panel of the washer has three displays: water temperature, remaining washing time in minutes and selected washing program (1-9). The operating buttons are located below the screens: VALITSE (V) selects the washing program, KÄYNNISTÄ (I) starts & stops the washer and EKO (1/2) button can be used to reduce amount of water the washer uses, if there is very little laundry to wash. The progress of the wash cycle can be monitored from the small red lights on the left side of the control panel.

To unlock the hatch, pull the handle lightly and close hatch by pressing the handle firmly.

Sort the laundry according to the care labels and check that the pockets are empty. Inserting foreign objects into the drum can damage the machine.

Wash program temperatures, times (give or take 5 min) and detergent compartments used:

Program number Pre-wash temp °C Wash temp °C Time min Pre-wash Wash detergent Softener
1 40 90 50 A B C
2 - 90 55 - B C
3 40 60 45 A B C
4 - 60 40 - B C
5 40 40 35 A B C
6 - 40 35 - B C
7 30 30 35 A B C
8 - 30 30 - A C
9 - cold wash 25 - A C

Apply laundry detergent and softener to detergent compartments as shown in the table above. Always check the dosing instructions of the detergent you are using! Usually smaller amount of detergent is sufficient, if your laundry is not very dirty. Pre-treating stains with detergent improves the washing result. The detergent compartment cover is on top of the machine. Compartment works best with powdered laundry detergent. Tenant Committee recommends using liquid laundry detergent and a dosing ball, because the liquid dissolves better in the wash, leaving less detergent residue in the machine. Tips for detergent selection (in Finnish).

Press the KÄYNNISTÄ (I) button to start the washer. The number of the selected program flashes in the right display for two minutes. During this time, the selected wash program can still be changed by pressing the VALITSE (V) button without interrupting the program. If necessary, the washer can be stopped by pressing the KÄYNNISTÄ (I) button.

The hatch can be opened when the text “End” appears on the display.

Caution: The laundry room machines shut down at 22.00 hrs sharp. The washer hatch will NOT open if the washing cycle is interrupted! Make sure there is enough time for the washer to finish before the shutdown. The washer has a timer display that shows the remaining time (see the picture above).

Tumble dryer

Talpet KR 2000 tumble dryer has 201 l capacity. It can dry 6-10 kg of laundry in 10—70 minutes.

Tumble drying is a quick, easy and energy-efficient way to dry laundry. However, the laundry must be spun dry (not dripping wet) before the tumble drying. After tumble drying, the laundry is soft and easy to treat.

To mangle laundry, it is advised to tumble dry until the textiles are still slightly moist.

Except for wool and linen, almost all textile materials are suitable for tumble drying. Always check the laundry symbols on the wash care labels before using the tumble dryer!

The tumble dryer is equipped with two lint filters, which must always be carefully cleaned before and after use. The lint filter located at the bottom of the filling hatch can be easily cleaned when the hatch is open. The separate filter unit is cleaned by pulling the filter out and wiping the lint out of the filter. The dryer will not start if the filter is not properly seated.

Do not dry laundry that has been treated with flammable or toxic substances. Due to the risk of self-ignition, please remove the dry laundry from the drum immediately after use.

Operating the dryer is easy with the program and temperature selectors on the top panel.

  1. Open the filling hatch and clean the lint filters.
  2. Put the laundry in loosely. If laundry is tangled up too tightly, fluff it up.
  3. Close the filling hatch with a light press.
  4. Select the drying temperature (cold, warm or hot). Hot temperature may damage sensitive textiles, but dries the laundry faster.
  5. Select the program: there is a timer program and two automatic programs based on the residual moisture. All programs include anti-wrinkle after-cooling. Rotate the program selector clockwise to select the desired program.
  6. Press the selector down to start the dryer.
  7. After use, leave the hatch open and clean the lint filters.

The drying room and clotheslines

The drying rooms are equipped with high efficiency Talpet Sahara Eko drying machines that produce 1700 m³/h air flow. Be sure to leave space between items and hang laundry between two ajacent clotheslines, so everything will dry as quickly as possible. Well-aired laundry dries in a couple of hours, so there is no need to keep clotheslines filled up for a long time. Please remember to pick up your laundry!

The cleaning staff removes abandoned clothes monthly.