Discord on Tekniikantornit and Tieteentornit

Both locations at TTornit have their own Discord channels #tekniikantornit and #tieteentornit where you can get real-time information about what's going on in your neighborhood. Channels are used to share information about upcoming events and activities hosted by Tenant Committee, and also about more spontaneous happenings, such as inviting your neighbors to a barbeque, movie night, sauna, go shopping (share a car) or visit a local pub together, etc.

Channels are also used as actively to give feedback and announcements to Tenant Committee or between neighbors; buy and sell stuff, give-aways, and trades. It's easy to ask if your music is too loud or tell that your neighbors make too much noise. Traditionally these channels are also used to inform neighbors about door-to-door preachers, salesmen and other nuisances.

Topics on the channels are free and general chat can switch from daily news to more down to earth topics such as local shop discounts.

You can find all the channels from our TTornit discord-server.

Discord in short

Discord is an real time chat and VOIP-communication service which gives an opportunity for multiple users to chat on same channel or voip-conversations on channels. Discord gives users also option to have private conversations between two people. More information on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discord_(software).

Discord web-browser

Easy way for fast and once-a-time chatting: https://discord.gg. This enables you to chat on TTorni's channels. Please remember that others might not respond to you immediately!

Other Discord-apps

You can install dedicated client on your computer by downloading it from: https://discord.gg.
To get it on your own mobile device, you can install it via from following links: Android (Google), iOS (Apple), Sailfish (Not official Jolla Store!, Android application!)