Common rooms

Gathering room Holvi

Tekniikantornit building A's gathering room is a bomb shelter called Holvi. Holvi is the Tekniikan- ja Tieteentorni's biggest common room. All meetings of the Tenant Committee and happenings, except barbecue parties, are organized in there. All tenants can book Holvi for personal events. More info for booking: Holvi page.

Common room PikkuHolvi

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Tieteentornit building B's gathering room called PikkuHolvi is a smaller space resembling a living room. Pikkuholvi (translation SmallHolvi) is suitable for smaller gathering, for excample celebrating a birthday party or spending a cosy evening with friends, if Holvi feels too big and mazelike and a tenant's apartment has not enough room to swing a cat or there are other limits to throw a party.

Common rooms in every building's key group

There is a small common room located near sauna or laundry rooms which have just very basic furniture. These rooms can be used to wait your laundry program to finish or your sauna reservation to start. A little bit bigger common rooms that have a kitchen also have a high definition digital television which have HDMI / component / composite video inputs. You can use these televisions to watch programs or play a game with your own console with your friends through the night a bit louder than in your apartment.