Conscientious Tenant reward

Win Finnkino movie tickets by making fault reports! Participating in the Conscientious Tenant campaign is easy: read the rules and instructions here.

When you notice a fault in the common areas, submit a fault report and inform the tenant committee to participate in the movie ticket lottery. The tickets are raffled at the tenant committee meetings and TOAS will deliver the tickets to the winners via email.

The tenant activator grant

The tenant activator program is a TOAS grant for the implementation of a project to improve living or community spirit. Prior activator grants have been issued to organize two table hockey and gaming console tournaments & tenant committee has purchased a chocolate fountain that tenants can borrow. Tenants are welcome to present ideas for new grant applications at tenant committee meetings or personally to members of the committee. The tenant committee advisory board processes applications twice a year. Applications for the spring must be submitted by the middle of March, and applications for the winter by the middle of October.

Special 2019 tenant activator grant

TOAS celebrates its 60th anniversary. To celebrate the anniversary, this year's tenant activator grant will be awarded to projects/events that will give positive visibility to TOAS and students and increase the community spirit. The event can also be a volunteer or charity event. Everyone is welcome to present their ideas! The grant is 1500 euros, and the tenant committee advisory board processes applications biannually every spring and autumn.

Applications for tenant activator grant must be submitted to the tenant committee advisory board (aka Neuvis) at neuvis.kilpailu@gmail.com.
Read more about tenant activity at TOAS.
Unleash your creativity!


The tenant’s energy saving campaign

The tenant’s water saving campaign continues through 2019. During the campaign, site-specific water consumption is compared to the previous year’s consumption. Three sites that have reduced their water consumption the most will be awarded a money prize for their tenant committee activities. The site that saves the most water will receive a prize of EUR 500, the one that saves the second most EUR 300 and the one that saves the third most EUR 100. Last year’s campaign yielded EUR 75 for TTornit.

Water saving tips:

  • Turn off the tap while you apply soap and shampoo, scrub your hands or brush your teeth!
  • Take a quick, efficient shower.
  • Rinse the dishes immediately after meals. Fill up your sink with water, and wash the dishes all at once. Don't wash dishes under constantly flowing water!
  • Keep a full water bottle in the refrigerator for instant cold drinking water! It's easy, fast and convenient!
  • Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily. Toilet is not a trash can - please don't flush trash, disposaple wipes/paper tissues or feminine products!
  • Wash a full load of laundry.

Campaign progress can be monitored by reading energy reports on the consumption of water, electricity and district heat at Tekniikantornit ja Tieteentornit.