Conscientious Tenant reward

Win Finnkino movie tickets by making fault reports! Participating is easy: read the rules and instructions here.

When you notice a fault in the common areas, submit a fault report and inform the tenant committee to participate in the movie ticket lottery. The tickets are raffled at the tenant committee meetings and TOAS will deliver the tickets to the winners via email.

ToimintaTuohi (FKA the "tenant activator" grant)

ToimintaTuohi is a special grant awarded by TOAS, to activate and encourage tenant committees to do and try new things. A grant can be applied for a project that improves the tenants comfort of living or togetherness. Prior grants have been issued for table hockey and gaming console tournaments & tenant committee has purchased a chocolate fountain for everyone to borrow. Tenants are welcome to present ideas for new grant applications at tenant committee meetings or personally to members of the committee. TOAS organizes ToimintaTuohi meetings a few times annually to find new ways to develop and improve tenant activity.

Energy saving campaign 2023

TOAS has an ongoing energy saving campaign!

Everyone has their own important role in saving energy and changing their everyday habits in the most saving direction possible. The changes don’t have to be huge, but smart and it’s enough that everyone does their best in what they can.