Stuff tenants can borrow

Tabletop games

Tenant committee has nearly 30 tabletop games including board games, card and party games for all tenants to borrow. A list of games with descriptions (in finnish). Most games come with finnish instructions and rules how to play.


Tenant committee provides some tools suited for crafting, assembling & installing furniture and for bike/car maintenance.

Outdoor games

Some outdoor games are located in Tekniikantornit E's common room. Games can be borrowed freely, but please be sure to return them after use!

  • Frisbee
  • Croquet set
  • Volleyball
  • Mölkky
  • Pétanque set

Tenant committee also has two sets of Kyykkä, but the older set is considerably broken and is only used as a spare.

Misc items to borrow

Basic rules of borrowing items from tenant committee

  • Important: All items belong to tenant committee. You may not take borrowed items out of the property!
  • Please handle all items carefully and return them in as good as original condition.
  • Return items as soon as you are finished with them!
  • If something (for example drill bits) is worn out in use, please mention this also!

If you'd like more info of stuff that can be borrowed or have other questions, feel free to contact loan equipment responsibles. Large items (such as ladders and Kyykkä-sets) can only be borrowed from tenant committee members that have the Tekn. DEF maintenance key. Tabletop games are located in club room Holvi, so please direct inquiries regarding games to club room responsibles. Easiest way to contact tenant committee members is by email or discord. It is not allowed to take borrowed items out of the property!

Please notice that requests for items should be made a few days in advance, so tenant committee members can organize their schedules accordingly; instant response is not guaranteed.

Suggest new items?

Feel like some essential tool or item is missing? Tell us! You can send ideas and suggestions (preferably by email) to loan equipment responsibles and attend tenant committee meetings, where decisions regarding new purchases are made! Please provide as much information as possible with your ideas and suggestions:

  • what the suggested item is and what it can be used for?
  • how much it would cost (item, shipping, additional costs)
  • possible places that sell items (preferably with complete http links to items)
  • optional: short “pitch” as in why tenant committee might wish to purchase item