Notice: The schedule for saunas is limited until further notice!

Please take good care of hygiene, especially in the sauna, washroom and changing room! TOAS instructs to avoid saunas and common areas if you are sick or even with mild symptoms.

General info

As of 1.1.2018 tenants may book a laundry or a sauna turn in TOASbooking which is available at myTOAS.

There is a sauna in every building, located on the ground floor! Tekniikantornit ABC, DEF and Tieteentornit form three separate key groups, where tenants can access all saunas and laundry rooms in that key group with their apartment key. The saunas have a rotating schedule, so tenants can always use at least one of the saunas in the same key group. All laundry rooms are available every day.

One sauna turn is 40 minutes long. The turns can be booked one at a time, a maximum of one week in advance. In case there is availability on the current day, you may book two turns for the current day.

There are shared sauna turns for everyone (marked as MIXED in booking) at 18.00—18.40 hrs (on saturdays 16.00—16.40 hrs) and 21.20—22.00 hrs. Please do not lock the changing room doors during shared turns!

Common room facilities next to the changing room and saunas are not included in the sauna booking.

Most saunas have room for 3-5 persons to bathe comfortably at once. Larger groups are recommended to use the saunas at Tekniikantornit A1, E2 and Tieteentornit B2 as these saunas have larger changing rooms and more efficient sauna stoves.

The changing room doors lock automatically at 22.00 hrs (10PM) sharp. Make sure you (or your clothes, towels or keys) don't get locked out! Tenant Committee members with the maintenance key may volunteer assistance in lockout situations. The maintanance company charges money for the lockout service.

If you discover any fault, please submit a fault report. In the urgent matters such as water damages or vandalism, you must call the maintenance company's 24h service number: 010 270 8888.

Rules and regulations for the sauna

  • Take a shower before going into sauna
  • Using a seat or bench cover is highly recommended
  • Do not wet the walls - only throw water to the sauna stove
  • You are not allowed to use a vihta (i.e. the birch whisk)
  • Use soap only in the washroom, not in the sauna
  • Please wash the sauna seating after use
  • Close the doors & windows behind you
  • Avoid wasting water, remember to turn off the shower after use
  • Make sure that you rinse soap etc. off the washroom area
  • Do not leave empty soap containers etc. behind – put them in the bins provided or take them away with you
Changing room
  • You can use sandals for better hygiene
  • Do not leave sanitary towels or children’s nappies in the bins
  • Please remember to turn off the lights and lock the door on your way out
  • Clean up after yourself!

The limited schedule for saunas

From December 2022 onwards, a limited schedule for saunas is in use until further notice!

Sauna shifts have been temporarily reduced in order to limit idle use and lower the electricity consumption in the current heating season. The goal is to limit energy consumption temporarily in order to avoid rolling power outages.

Notice! If the state of the Finnish power system is endangered, TOAS is prepared to close the saunas completely.

The rotation schedule for saunas

The saunas are available from 6 PM to 10 PM on weekdays and Sundays, from 4 PM to 10 PM on Saturdays.

Tekniikantornit ABC (Tekniikankatu 10)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

X = Sauna is on & turns can be booked by tenants
MIXED = Sauna is on, turns can be booked by tenants and there are shared sauna turns for everyone

Tekniikantornit DEF (Tekniikankatu 14)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
E1 X X

X = Sauna is on & turns can be booked by tenants
MIXED = Sauna is on, turns can be booked by tenants and there are shared sauna turns for everyone

Tieteentornit (Tekniikankatu 16)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
TiB1 X X

X = Sauna is on & turns can be booked by tenants
MIXED = Sauna is on, turns can be booked by tenants and there are shared sauna turns for everyone

Changes in Tieteentornit sauna shifts on Sep 1st 2020

Tieteentornit sauna shifts will be reduced to a level that corresponds to actual use and demand. As of 1st of September 2020, Tieteentornit B2 sauna is not available on Wednesdays. Otherwise, the saunas operate normally. The rotating schedule and booking policies remain unchanged.

Feedback and suggestions

You can send comments, suggestions & wishes to Tenant Committee regarding the sauna schedule rotation & the sauna booking policies and practices. The sauna schedules are adjusted based on Tenant Committees' proposals and the saunas' use ratio. Tenant Committee reserves all rights to adjust sauna schedules & booking policies and practices.

Notice! In December 2022, the limited schedule for saunas was implemented solely by TOAS real estate department (kiinteistöosasto). Due to the temporary nature of the limited schedule, the tenant committee did not preview or design the schedule. Roughly 40% of the TTornit sauna shifts have been temporarily reduced.

In case of booking/scheduling errors

If you notice discrepancies in the TOASbooking or sauna schedules (e. g. sauna doors locked when they should be open, sauna stove not properly hot) please submit a fault report and notify Tenant Committee about the problem.