Info channels and forums

The tenant committee informs about current events and activities for tenants through multiple channels in addition to this website:

Internet connection

TOAS provides free of charge Telia 100/100 Mbit/s Ethernet connection. Tenants must have their own network cable & router for tenants own WIFI. The tenant committee recommends devices that support DD-WRT. All apartments have two RJ45 wall sockets, one is intended for landline (telephone). The right socket for Internet connection can be found by trying.

Using the Internet requires a registration to the service provider Telia. Tenants can register online with TUPAS (digital authentication method) or call Telia customer service. When moving out, the tenant must terminate the Internet connection by calling to the same number. More info here.

Telia customer service: 0800 133133 (free of charge)
General problems with the connection and fault reports: Telia customer service 0200 11611 (local network charge/mobile call charge).
Connection faults or disturbances: Telia's technical customer service 0206 90101 (local network charge/mobile call charge).

Telia Cable-TV

TOAS apartments have Cable-TV (DVB-C). All apartments have two coaxial wall outlets for TV and radio signals: male connector is for television antenna cable. List of available TV channels (in Finnish) and more information is available at Telia customer support pages (in Finnish). Some channels require Telia TV cable card with monthly subscription: read more about Cable TV programme services.

Door phones

Every apartment is equipped with a door phone. Tenants can open the building front door from inside the apartment by pressing the uppermost button on the phone. Picking up the earpiece answers the phone. Lowest button mutes the ringer. Red light indicates that phone is muted. Important! Do not open the door to strangers!

Small storage/basement storage

Every apartment has own small storage cage in basement. Each shared apartment has one common storage cage. In Tekniikantornit ABC tenants must have their own padlock. Tekniikantornit DEF and Tieteentornit storage cages have padlocks that open with the apartment key.

It is not recommended to keep valuable items in the storage cages in order to avoid burglary and theft.

Mail boxes

Tenants can place “no ads please” stickers in mailbox cover to stop junk mail and advertisements. TOAS provides free “no ads” stickers at Iidesranta office. NB! Do not leave junk mail, ads or garbage in the hallway!

Ski waxing booth

Tekniikantorni B has a booth for waxing skis! Booth is equipped with ski rack, few ski waxes for grip or glide and wax iron, brush and wax scraper for applying and removing wax. Tekniikantornit tenants can access booth with their apartment key. Tieteentornit tenants must request access from Tekniikantornit tenants.

The air ventilation device (Tekniikantornit)

Tekniikantornit apartments have a special air ventilation device located behind the radiator. During summertime, ventilation airflow can be increased by turning metal valves apart. Winter mode is valves closed together. The device has an air filter, which the maintenance company replaces at regular intervals. Schedule for replacement is announced in advance on the noticeboards.

Information for new tenants moving in

TOAS provides a leaflet of information for new tenants: Tekniikantornit and Tieteentornit (in Finnish).

Installing own washing machine & dishwasher

In Tekniikantornit it is possible to install a small 45cm dishwasher to kitchen cabinet, Tieteentornit kitchen cabinets have room for a normal-sized 60cm dishwasher. Bathroom has water couplings for a washing machine. It is recommended that tenants hire a professional plumber to install appliances and save all receipts, because residents are responsible of any damages caused by improper installation procedures. Always use plastic water safety tray under your dishwasher to prevent slow leaking damage! TOAS also recommends tenants to take out home insurance.

Picture hooks and other wall mounts

Tenants are allowed to use moderate amount of picture hooks. Before drilling holes or making other permanent fixtures, please ask permission from TOAS (isannointi(at) Tenant is always responsible of costs for repair work.


Pets are allowed in family apartments and single-room apartments. Due to possible allergies etc, pets are not allowed in shared apartments.

General information on living at TOAS

TOAS offered General information on living at TOAS at their old website. Please notice that the old, archived information is not updated anymore!