Tekniikan- and Tieteentornit are TOAS's housing locations in Hervanta, Tampere. A total of nine apartment buildings provide a home for over 600 tenants nearby Tampere University of Technology, Police University College and Teekkari sauna. Tekniikantornit A, B and C were built in 2001 and D, E, F later in 2002. Tieteentornit was built in 2009. The most significant difference between the two housing locations is the heat recovery ventilation at Tieteentornit.

The apartments are unfurnished, mainly single-room apartments (27,5m²), or shared flats with common kitchen-living room combinations per apartment. In addition, Tieteentornit provides two-room apartments for families and bigger single-room apartments (39,5-42,5m²) including kitchen-living room and a separate bedroom.

Based on tenants' observations, queueing for a single-room apartment takes about an year and bigger apartments may take longer. Queue time for a shared apartment usually varies during semester – in the beginning of the semester queues typically take few months and shorten in the spring.

Additional information, floor plans and more details is available at TOAS website:




Shopping center DUO and nearest bus stops are about 500m away: TTY and Hervannan valtaväylä. Tampere regional transport schedules & routes.

In addition to good public transport connections Hervanta offers surprisingly many communal municipal services: own public library, indoor swimming pool, indoor ice rink and water tower. Next to Hervanta Church is a versatileLeisure Centre. Hervanta also has own Health Centre and the fire station next to the district heating plant. The local movie theater hosts randomly concerts, showings and varied events.

Local neighborhood association has collected Hervanta-related information to Hervanta.fi website (in Finnish). Weekly newspaper Hervannan Sanomat reports about local events and news in Finnish. Ten local attractions (in Finnish).

Hervanta has great oppoturnities for sports and outdoor activities all year round.