Kokoontumistila - "PikkuHolvi"

Päätila Taustavalaistus Keittiö


Tenant committee's smaller club room is in the air-raid shelter on the basement floor of Tieteentornit B. Entrance to PikkuHolvi is from the back door staircase or from the elevator staircase. This room is usually used by other tenants to host their own evenings and events, such as lan-parties.

The room can be changed quickly to different use cases such as movie theater, meeting room or hobby area. Most of the furniture can be moved from or into into the two storage closets, such as office chairs, tables or sofas.

The main room can be used as movie theater or meeting room. Basic equipment in there are 40“ FullHD television, Media-PC, WLAN and stereo amplifier. Even though most of the equipment has been acquired as donations or second-hand, all of them are in functioning properly. In the kitchen area there are two fridges, coffee maker, water kettle, sandwich grill, small electric oven and microwave oven. For washing dishes there is a sink with couple brushes and some soap. The club room has no utensils!

This room is usually used by lan-parties for up to 15 people comfortably, so far there have been about 2-4 lan parties a year since 2017. Other uses usually are movie nights, a series marathon and sport nights, like ice hockey championships. PikkuHolvi's events can be advertised on this wiki, facebook group and Tornis' chat channels. Movie/Sport nights usually are open doors for all tenants.

Tekniikantornit and Tieteentornit tenants can book this room for their own private events, movie nights etc. under certain conditions (see rules). You can decide is the room reserved just for your own guests or do you want let it be open for everybody.

To make an reservation please contact Tieteen Pikkuholvi responsibles

To access the club room tenant committee member with the key is required to open it

In practice, the reservation works as follows:

  • Agree with the PikkuHolvi club room responsibles on the date and time you want to use PikkuHolvi. Reservations should be made at least a week in advance so that the PikkuHolvi club room responsible can prepare in time and sum up their own schedule.
  • Always give your phone number (and IM nicknames) as soon as you contact PikkuHolvi club room responsibles. Specifying the booking time is impractical via email.
  • The PikkuHolvi club room responsibles will open the necessary doors at the agreed time. At the same time, the booker is given an introduction to the equipment of PikkuHolvi, if necessary.
  • At the end of the evening, the contact person will check PikkuHolvi and lock the doors. The booker must be present.
  • The place must, of course, be tidy after the booking. Furniture and goods must be undamaged and in their original places.

Booking calendar

Any reservations are usually for the whole day.


  • The club room reservations can be made ONLY by tenants of Tekniikantornit and Tieteentornit. Basically this means you have an active rental contract for one of the locations mentioned above. Outsiders cannot make a reservation, even with money deposit, because tenant committee has no authority to rent or loan the property of TOAS to outsider. To temporarily rent these rooms you have to negotiate about it with TOAS directly.
  • The one who made the reservation has the right to decide is the event open for all tenants or not. Attetion! The access corridor to the club room has tenant storage closets, naturally they have to have access these at any time they want to. The tenant committee members who have access to the club room must given access to the club room at any time, even during the event!
  • Tenant can always invite people to his/hers event from outside. The tenant is solely responsible what his/hers guests are doing on the property! The tenant must be available at the club room all times with outsider guests! For reservations that are for a few days it is possible to lock the club room with double lock. The locks and the key is at the club room. Ask for instructions!
  • Tenant can make a reservation to use the club room for his/hers club under his/hers own name, given there won't be unacceptable amount of people (over 20). These reservations are agreed case by case. If the reservation is accepted, the tenant who made the reservation is accountable during this time, meaning he is solely responsible for anything that happens at the club room and what guests do on the property.
  • At the club room your guests and you have to follow the rules of TOAS! Avoid unnecessary noise, especially during silence from 10 pm to 7 am. Noise levels must kept at the level they won't reach nearby apartments above. In practive PikkuHolvi is completely soundproof.
  • Smoking is completely forbidden inside! This also includes water pipes and electric cigarettes.
  • Disconnecting cables from media devices is forbidden without approval! Media devices must kept in their place. You can connect your own devices to amplifier and television with provided cables.
  • When the reservation is ending, the club room must be cleaned and undamaged. The tenant must attend the check. If the place is left uncleaned or damaged, tenant committee will get the services through TOAS and the bill will be addressed to the tenant.
  • It is impossible to book the club room to be a temporary sleeping area for excursion groups and such due lack of authority. Like above we have said, ask TOAS directly about these kind things but the club room is not suitable for sleeping for reasons such as air circulation.
  • Tenant committee holds the right to make alternations to bookings. Committee can cancel tenant's reservation if the tenant committee needs the club room for their own use or key holders are suddenly unable to open the doors.
  • If the tenant is not following these rules or causes a lot damage to the PikkuHolvi or its equipment, his/hers right to make reservations to Holvi or PikkuHolvi are taken away.

If people abuse the club room wrongly, can TOAS close the club room permanently from the tenant committee and from the tenants. Understandably the committee wants to hold good relationships with TOAS. DO NOT GO FULL RETARD.

The committee cannot make absolute promises for access because if the key holders are sick or unavailable for any reason. We hold the right to alter the rules and reservations.

  • Fridges
    • Turn on if you need them
    • After reservation ends, turn off and leave the door open
  • Microwave oven
    • Powerful, everything atomizes in matter seconds
  • Coffee maker
    • Clean after use, there might be cups, coffee and filters available, you can use them
  • Water kettle
    • Empty after use
  • Small oven
    • About size of microwave oven
    • One platter
  • Sandwich grill
    • Clean after use
    • Detachable grill surfaces for easier cleaning
    • Has Excess oil collector platter
  • Back lighting
    • The room has LED lighting. LED dimming is stepless.
    • Corridor has super dim LED Christmas lights
    • These can be used as back lighting when watching movies and when the main lighting is off

Tables, Sofas, chairs and other

  • Sofas
    • Three sofas
    • Single arm chair
  • Tables
    • +10 pcs 120cm x 70 cm tables
    • 6 tables usually assembled, quick to assemble or take apart
    • Torx screwdriver and screws are provided
  • Chairs
    • +10 pcs office chairs
  • Local Area Network
    • 16 port Gigabit switch
    • +10 pcs ethernet cables
    • Some short power extensions

Kino PikkuHolvin audio-video equipment:

  • 1080p 40” Samsung television
    • DVT-C, channels have been added
    • CI reader place
  • Stereoamp (under work, coming in 2019!)
    • 3.5mm aux in
    • Apple iPod / iPhone dock connector
    • Sony's cheap speakers
  • Xbox (0)
    • 4 x controller
    • Games: ?
  • VHS
    • Movies:

Extra cables to connect your own equipment:

  • VGA (long)
  • HDMI (long)
  • RJ45 (long)
  • 3.5mm audio IN (short)

Note: If your device doesn't work or cannot be connected with provided cables, it cannot be connected to TV / amplifier.
These kind devices are new iPhones that don't have 3.5mm audio jack.

The tenant committee trusts people respect the equipment and won't steal, modify or damage them. Please do not try break into the air-raid shelter closet.