Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS) was established in 1959. The Foundation manages a total of 10 000 apartments in over 60 locations across Tampere for students to rent. More information can be found at TOAS website.

General rules

Student apartments have general rules and regulations that every tenant must follow. These rules make life more comfortable for all tenants and ensure everyone gets along.

Emergency and safety info

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What to do in case of an emergency? Read the emergency info for Tekniikantornit and Tieteentornit.

Instructions on how to use emergency number 112 in Finland.

Short guide (in Finnish).

Floor plans

Tekniikantornit: A, B, C,D, E and F.

Energy efficiency report

Consumption info: water, electricity and district heating in Tekniikantornit and Tieteentornit.

Finnish legislation: Act on Joint Management of Rental Buildings

TOAS complies with the Finnish legislation. Unofficial english translation of the law.