Club room - "Holvi"



Tenant committee’s bigger club room is in the air-raid shelter on the bottom floor of Tekniikantornit A. Entrance to Holvi is from the back door of the building. Committee's meetings and parties are held in this space unless other place is informed. Sometimes movie evenings and TV series marathons are held for tenants by committee.

Tekniikan- and Tieteentorni's residents may book Holvi for private parties, movie nights etc. under certain conditions (see rules).

Holvi's reservations are made by the Club room responsibles.

In practice, the reservation works as follows:

  • Agree with the Club room responsibles on the date and time you want to use Holvi. Reservations should be made at least a week in advance so that the Club room responsible can prepare in time and sum up their own schedule.
  • Always give your phone number (and IM nicknames) as soon as you contact Club room responsibles. Specifying the booking time is impractical via email.
  • The Club room responsibles will open the necessary doors at the agreed time. At the same time, the booker is given an introduction to the equipment of Holvi, if necessary.
  • At the end of the evening, the contact person will check Holvi and lock the doors. The booker must be present.
  • The place must, of course, be tidy after the booking. Furniture and goods must be undamaged and in their original places.

Booking status

Bookings are normally for the entire day.

  • The club room reservations can be made ONLY by tenants of Tekniikantornit and Tieteentornit. Basically this means you have an active rental contract for one of the locations mentioned above. Outsiders cannot make a reservation, even with money deposit, because tenant committee has no authority to rent or loan the property of TOAS to outsider. To temporarily rent these rooms you have to negotiate about it with TOAS directly.
  • The one who made the reservation has the right to decide is the event open for all tenants or not. Attetion! The access corridor to the club room has tenant storage closets, naturally they have to have access these at any time they want to. The tenant committee members who have access to the club room must given access to the club room at any time, even during the event!
  • Tenant can always invite people to his/hers event from outside. The tenant is solely responsible what his/hers guests are doing on the property! The tenant must be available at the club room all times with outsider guests!
  • Tenant can make a reservation to use the club room for his/hers club under his/hers own name, given there won't be unacceptable amount of people. These reservations are agreed case by case. If the reservation is accepted, the tenant who made the reservation is accountable during this time, meaning he is solely responsible for anything that happens at the club room and what guests do on the property.
  • At the club room your guests and you have to follow the rules of TOAS! Avoid unnecessary noise, especially during silence from 10 pm to 7 am. Noise levels must kept at the level they won't reach nearby apartments above.
  • Smoking is completely forbidden inside! This also includes water pipes and electric cigarettes.
  • Disconnecting cables from media devices is forbidden without approval! Media devices must kept in their place. You can connect your own devices to amplifier and television with provided cables.
  • When the reservation is ending, the club room must be cleaned and undamaged. The tenant must attend the check. If the place is left uncleaned or damaged, tenant committee will get the services through TOAS and the bill will be addressed to the tenant.
  • It is impossible to book the club room to be a temporary sleeping area for excursion groups and such due lack of authority. Like above we have said, ask TOAS directly about these kind things but the club room is not suitable for sleeping for reasons such as air circulation.
  • Tenant committee holds the right to make alternations to bookings. Committee can cancel tenant's reservation if the tenant committee needs the club room for their own use or key holders are suddenly unable to open the doors.
  • If the tenant is not following these rules or causes a lot damage to the PikkuHolvi or its equipment, his/hers right to make reservations to Holvi or PikkuHolvi are taken away.

If people abuse the club room wrongly, can TOAS close the club room permanently from the tenant committee and from the tenants. Understandably the committee wants to hold good relationships with TOAS. DO NOT GO FULL RETARD.

The committee cannot make absolute promises for access because if the key holders are sick or unavailable for any reason. We hold the right to alter the rules and reservations.

  • Fridge
    • Left fridge-freezer and right fridge under the table top are for tenants use. Fridges will be switched on if needed at the beginning of the event.
    • After event, turn off the power and leave the doors open.
    • Middle locked fridge under the table top is only for tenant commitee use. Keep Always On!
  • Microwave owen
  • Coffee maker
  • Electric kettle
  • Convection oven
    • Have to request when booking
  • Table tennis
  • Table football
  • Table hockey
    • Have to request when booking
  • Background lighting
    • LED christmas lights.
    • Next to the Holvi's entrance is power socket, where lights can be pluged in.
    • Can be used background lightning/navigation lights when watching movies.

Kino Holvi's audio-video equipment:

  • 4k TV
  • AV receiver
    • The amplifier is currently connected only to two front speakers.
    • To connect your own devices there is RCA-input on the front panel of the amplifier.
  • Digibox
    • HD model Edison Piccolo S2+T2/C
    • The digibox is connected to the cable network and Telia Cable TV's basic channels are available.
  • Xbox 360
    • 4x wireless controller
    • 14 games for the Xbox 360, mostly suitable for multiplayer/splitscreen gaming:
      • Army of Two * Burnout Paradise + Trivial Pursuit * Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 * Dead or Alive 5 * FIFA 14 * Fight Night Round 3 * Forza Motorsport 4 * Halo 3 * Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition * NBA 2K13 * NHL 13 * PES 2008 * Street Fighter IV * Virtua Tennis 4

Holvi currently has the following connection cables for your own devices (consoles, laptops, mp3 players):

  • HDMI

Note! If your own device does not work with connection cables, etc., unfortunately it cannot be connected to Holvi's tv / amplifier.
So far, at least the Nintendo Wii is such device (the acquisition of the necessary connection cables is being investigated).

Because the 4k TV is a vulnerable device and various cables can be easily lost, cinema equipment is stored in locked areas that are accessible only to members of the residents committee.