Deep fryer

Deep fryer
The tenant committee has a deep fryer for tenants to borrow.

Wilfa DFR2 deep fryer has 3 liter oil capacity and 1 kg food capacity.

Tenants must have own frying oil for fryer. Vegetable oils produced from canola, sunflower, and peanut are usually well suited for deep frying. Also olive oil can be used at lower temperatures. S-group sells inexpensive frying oil. See how to dispose cooking oil properly (in Finnish).

Frying oil can heat up to 190 °C, so caution is advised! The appliance is hot when it is in use.


  • Never switch the deep fryer on if the frying bowl is empty
  • The oil level must always be between the maximum and minimum levels indicated
  • Clean the fryer before returning it: wash both the frying bowl, the basket & wipe all the surfaces clean


  1. Borrow the fryer and remove it from the packaging.
  2. Open the lid and remove the basket and frying bowl. Check that the frying bowl and the heating element are properly cleaned. Put the frying bowl back.
  3. Pour 3 liters of frying oil into the bowl (The oil surface will rise up to the max line).
  4. Switch the fryer on & let it warm up to the desired temperature.
  5. The food is cooked in the basket. Put the food in to the basket (max. 1 kg). The cooking time and the temperature vary according to the type and temperature of food. See the manual. Put the basket into the frying bowl in a raised position and close the lid by pressing lightly down upon it until the hooks click. Always close the lid before lowering the basket in order to avoid hot oil from splashing out. When the food has fried enough, raise the basket and pour the food on the plate.
  6. Once you have cooked enough, unplug the fryer from the electrical socket and allow the fryer to cool for a few hours.
  7. After the frying oil has cooled down, you can pour the oil back into its bottle. The frying oil can be reused several times. NEVER POUR GREASE OR OIL DOWN THE DRAIN.
  8. Clean the fryer: wash both the frying bowl and the basket. Wipe all the surfaces clean. The fryer is now ready to be returned.