Conscientious Tenant (Tunnollinen Asukas) contest

TOAS wants to activate tenants to send fault reports about common areas in the building & yard areas. More information about the campaign is available at TOAS website (old version).

How to participate:

  1. Find a problem in the common premises. Faults in tenant's own apartment do not qualify for this contest.
  2. Fill out a fault report (service advice) form at TOAS website.
  3. Take a screenshot of filled out form.
  4. Send the image (or imgur-link) via email to
    • Subject is “Tunnollinen asukas - YOUR NAME HERE”
    • In message body, state your apartment number & house block and contact information. (Contact information is needed to notify the winners of the contest).

Example: (Click to enlarge)

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Small print (Rules and regulations of the contest)

You are NOT allowed to damage TOAS property.

The first (and only) prize is two Finnkino movie tickets awarded by TOAS. The tickets are raffled quarterly (four times a year) at the tenant committee meetings.

You can participate multiple times. Please submit each fault report only once! (And, of course, only one fault report for each problem/fault).

There must be a valid problem/fault in the submitted fault report, “no problem” is not a valid entry for the contest.

If we detect any abuse, all participations from abusing tenant will be disqualified.

The participations must be sent via email no later than two (2) days prior the tenant committee meeting. Participations sent after that will be deferred to a later ticket raffle. The tickets are raffled quarterly (four times a year).

Winner will be drawn in the tenant committee meeting and contacted personally. TOAS will deliver the tickets to the winner via email.