General information about tenant committee

A tenant committee is a way for tenants to have an influence concerning living at TOAS. Tenant committee works as a trusteeship organization while being a link between tenants and TOAS administration. For example, committee decides the rules for sauna and laundry facilities, arranges parties for tenants and different activities. How to use budget to different parties and activities is decided in tenant committee's meetings and all tenants are welcome to participate. TOAS supports tenant committee activity in deployments by granting a budget for committees but also to set limits for activities.

Like most deployments of TOAS, also Tekniikan- and Tieteentornit has a tenant committee (asukastoimikunta, ASTMK). A tenant committee and advocates for TOAS's tenant committee's advisory board for each calendar year is voted by attending tenants. Advisory boards are a contact interface and a channel to change information between TOAS and a tenant committee, providing a tool to have an impact on TOAS-matters. A resident gathering for voting advocates to tenant committee and for advisory board is arranged once in a year, usually same time with the pre-Christmas party.

Tenant committee 2019

Questions about things that can be borrowed and access to get in Holvi should be made a few days before, so person in charge can arrange their schedules. Availability of persons in charge is not guaranteed.

Contact details → Email IRC (@IRCnet) Phone
Chairman Teemu Salminen
Vice-chairman Aleksi Mattila
Secretary Markku Hyttinen
Treasurer Petri Tikka
Tenant committee member Ariane Raschke
Other members
Event planner Markku Hyttinen
Event team Aleksi Mattila
Ariane Raschke
Enni Hakkarainen
Webmaster Teemu Salminen
Holvi Club masters Teemu Salminen
Petri Tikka
PikkuHolvi Club masters Teemu Salminen
Petri Tikka
Loan equipment handlers Teemu Salminen
Markku Hyttinen
Petri Tikka
Aleksi Mattila
Ariane Raschke
Torni elves
Tekniikantornit A-C Jussi Toivonen
Tekniikantornit D-F Aleksi Mattila
Tieteentornit A-C Enni
Representatives in TOAS advisory board of tenant committees
1. Representative Markku Hyttinen
Stand-in Aleksi Mattila
2. Representative Ariane Raschke
Stand-in Petri Tikka

Key holders
Maintenance key (Tekn. ABC, Holvi) Teemu Salminen
Maintenance key (Tekn. ABC, Holvi) Petri Tikka
Maintenance key (Tekn. DEF) Teemu Salminen
Maintenance key (Tekn. DEF) Petri Tikka
Maintenance key (Tiet. ABC, Pikkuholvi) Teemu Salminen
Maintenance key (Tiet. ABC, Pikkuholvi) Petri Tikka
Equipment locker key Antti Heinikkala

Past tenant committees