Tenant committee

Tenant committee is a way for tenants to have influence on their living at TOAS. It works as their trusteeship organization and is a link between tenants and TOAS administration. Committee for example decides the rules of sauna and laundry facilities, arranges parties for tenants, etc. TOAS supports tenant committee activity in deployments by granting a budget for committees, but also sets the limits for their activity.

Like most deployments of TOAS, also Tekniikan- and Tieteentornit has a tenant committee (asukastoimikunta, ASTMK). Tenant committee for each calendar year is voted by tenants attending resident gathering of the deployment. Resident gathering is arranged once in a year, usually same time with the pre-Christmas party.

Tenant committee 2017

Requests for loan equiments and reservations for the Holvi should be submitted a few days in advance so that the persons responsible are able to arrange their schedules. Tenant committee does not give any guarantees about equiments or clubrooms availabilities or the responsible person's availability.

Etu = first name
Suku = last name

Contact details → Email IRC (@IRCnet) Phone
Chairman Teemu Salminen webmaster@ttornit.info deffener
Vice Chairman Sofia Iskala Hujane
Secretary Petri Mattila Godrick
Treasurer Petri Tikka kroisos@ttornit.info tritikka
Other members
Event team Markku Hyttinen FireFlower
Miki Salli
Janne Pihlajaniemi Kebbo
Teemu Arponen SalaHyena
Petri Mattila Godrick
Webmaster Teemu Salminen webmaster@ttornit.info deffener
Savaki responsible Petri Mattila Godrick
Club room responsibles Teemu Salminen webmaster@ttornit.info deffener
Petri Tikka kroisos@ttornit.info tritikka
Janne Pihlajaniemi Kebbo
Small club room responsibles Sofia Iskala Hujane
Teemu Salminen webmaster@ttornit.info deffener
Loan equipment responsibles Sofia Iskala Hujane
Teemu Salminen webmaster@ttornit.info deffener
Markku Hyttinen FireFlower
Juho Aarikka
Antti Heinikkala Heikala
Tekniikantornit A-C Janne Pihlajaniemi Kebbo
Tekniikantornit D-F Markku Hyttinen FireFlower
Tieteentornit A-C Teemu Nuorteva Lemon
Representative members at TOAS advisory board
1. Representative Petri Mattila Godrick
Vice Markku Hyttinen FireFlower
2. Representative Sofia Iskala Hujane
Vice Petri Tikka kroisos@ttornit.info tritikka

Avainten haltijat
Maintenance key (Tekn. ABC, Holvi) Teemu Salminen
Maintenance key (Tekn. ABC, Holvi) Petri Tikka
Maintenance key (Tekn. DEF) Teemu Salminen
Maintenance key (Tekn. DEF) Sofia Iskala
Maintenance key (Tiet. ABC, Pikkuholvi) Teemu Salminen
Maintenance key (Tiet. ABC, Pikkuholvi) Sofia Iskala
Tool locker Teemu Salminen
Sofia Iskala
Markku Hyttinen
Timo Ojala
Antti Heinikkala

Past tenant committees