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-FIXME **This page is not fully translated, yetPlease help completing the translation.**\\ //(remove this paragraph once the translation is finished)//+{{ ::ttornit4.jpg |}}
-{{ ::ttornit3.jpg |}}+Tekniikan- and Tieteentornit are TOAS's housing locations in [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Hervanta|Hervanta]],​ Tampere. A total of nine apartment buildings provide a home for over 600 tenants nearby [[https://en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Tampere_University|Tampere University Hervanta Campus]] (formerly TUT), [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Police_University_College_(Finland)|Police University College]] and [[https://​tampereenteekkarit.fi/​en/​teekkarisauna/​|Teekkari sauna]]. Tekniikantornit A, B and C (Tekniikankatu 10) were built in 2001 and D, E, F (Tekniikankatu 14) later in 2002. Tieteentornit (Tekniikankatu 16) was built in 2009. The most significant difference between the two housing locations is the [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Heat_recovery_ventilation|heat recovery ventilation]] at Tieteentornit.
-Tekniikan- and Tieteentornit ​are TOAs's housing localities in Tampereen Hervanta. Overall nine apartment buildings provides a home more than 600 tenants near by Tampere University of Technology and Police University College. Tekniikantornits'​ buldings ABC were built in 2001 and DE, F later in 2002. Tieteentornit ​was built in 2009. The most significant difference between the two building groups is the heat recovery ventilation at Tieteentornit.+The apartments ​are unfurnishedmainly single-room apartments (27,5m²)or shared flats with common kitchen-living room combinations per apartmentIn addition, ​Tieteentornit ​provides ​two-room apartments for families and bigger single-room apartments (39,​5-42,​5m²) including kitchen-living room and a separate bedroom.
-The apartments are unfurnishedmainly ​single–room apartments (27,5m²), or shared flats with common kitchen-living ​room combinations per apartment. ​In additionTieteentornit provides two-room apartments for families ​and bigger single-room apartments (39,​5-42,​5m²) including kitchen-living room, a separate bedroom, thus being suitable for couples too.+Based on tenants'​ observationsqueueing for a single-room apartment ​takes usually about 10–12 monthsQueue times vary during the semester. For a shared apartmentthe queues typically take few months at the beginning of the semester ​and queues shorten in the spring.
-Based on the observations by tenants: getting a single-room apartment takes about an yearthough bigger apartments may take more. Getting a shared apartment usually depends on the time of the yearusually getting one takes a few months in the beginning of a semester but in spring it takes less time. +Additional informationfloor plans, and more details are available at [[https://toas.fi/en/|TOAS website]]:
- +
-More information and floor plan from homepage (TOAS)+
 \\ \\
-  * [[http://toas.fi/asunnot/470-tekniikantornit/​|Tekniikantornit]] +  * [[https://toas.fi/en/​asuntokohde/​tekniikantornit/​|Tekniikantornit]] ​(Tekniikankatu 10 and 14) 
-  * [[http://toas.fi/asunnot/475-tieteentornit/​|Tieteentornit]]+  * [[https://toas.fi/en/​asuntokohde/​tieteentornit/​|Tieteentornit]] ​(Tekniikankatu 16)
 \\ \\
-{{ :2017-ilmakuva-kartta.jpg?​600|Kartta}} ​+{{ :2018-ilmakuva-kartta.jpg?​600|Kartta}} ​
 \\  \\ 
-=== Kartta: === +=== Map: === 
-  - Kokoontumistila ​Holvi (Tekniikantornien ​A-talon väestönsuoja+  - [[en:​tilat:​holvi|Common Room Holvi]] (Tekniikantornit Shelter in A-building
-  - Kerhotila ​PikkuHolvi (Tieteentornien ​B-talon väestönsuoja+  - [[en:​tilat:​pikkuholvi|Smaller Common Room PikkuHolvi]] (Tieteentornit Shelter in B-building
-  - Tekniikan grilli +  - [[en:​ulkotilat#​barbecue_spots_and_firewood|Tekniikantornit barbecue spot]] (Tekniikan grilli) 
-  - Tieteen grilli +  - [[en:​ulkotilat#​barbecue_spots_and_firewood|Tieteentornit barbecue spot]] (Tieteen grilli) 
-  - Polttopuuvarasto +  - [[en:​ulkotilat#​barbecue_spots_and_firewood|Woodshed for firewood (TeD bike shed)]] 
-  - Lentopallokenttä +  - [[en:​ulkotilat#​barbecue_spots_and_firewood|Woodshed for firewood (TiC bike shed)]] 
-  - Roskakatokset ​(3 kpl)+  - [[ulkotilat#​beach_volley_court|Beach volley court]] 
 +  - [[en:​info#​ski_waxing_booth|Ski waxing booth]] 
 +  - [[en:​ulkotilat#​waste_collection_point|Waste collection point]] ​(3 sheds
 \\ \\
-=== Etäisyydet: === +=== Distances: === 
-  * Teknillinen yliopisto ​300 m +  * [[https://​www.tuni.fi/​en/​about-us/​tampere-university/​campuses/​hervanta-campus|Tampere University Hervanta Campus]] (Formerly TUT) 300 m 
-  * Poliisiammattikorkeakoulu ​500 m +  * [[http://​polamk.fi/​en/​|Police University College]] ​500 m 
-  * TAMK (Teiskontie) 7 km +  * [[https://​www.tuni.fi/​en/​about-us/​tampere-university/​campuses/​kauppi-campus|Tampere University of Applied Sciences ​(TAMK) Kauppi Campus)]] 7 km 
-  * Tampereen yliopisto ​7,6 km +  * [[https://​www.tuni.fi/​en/​about-us/​tampere-university/​campuses/​central-campus|Tampere University City Centre Campus]] (Formerly UTA) 7,6 km 
-  * Keskusta ​8 km+  * Tampere Centrum/​City Centre ​8 km
 \\ \\
-Kauppakeskus ​[[http://​www.kauppakeskusduo.fi|DUO]] ​sekä lähimmät bussipysäkit ovat 500m päässä: [[http://​aikataulut.tampere.fi/?​&stop=3735|TTY]] ​ja [[http://​aikataulut.tampere.fi/?​&stop=3735|Hervannan valtaväylä]]. ​Aikataulut ja reitit löytyvät ​[[http://reittiopas.tampere.fi|Nyssestä]].+Shopping center ​[[http://​www.kauppakeskusduo.fi|DUO]] ​and nearest bus stops are about 500m away: [[http://​aikataulut.tampere.fi/?​stop=3735&​showLines=&​key=&​lang=en|TTY (3735)]] and [[http://​aikataulut.tampere.fi/?​stop=3733&​showLines=&​key=&​lang=en|Hervannan valtaväylä ​(3733)]]. Tampere regional transport ​[[http://aikataulut.tampere.fi/?​lang=en|schedules & routes]]. 
 +In addition to good public transport connections Hervanta offers surprisingly many communal municipal services: own [[https://​hakemisto.kirjastot.fi/​en/​hervanta|public library]], [[https://​www.tampere.fi/​en/​culture-and-leisure/​sports/​sportsandexercisefacilities/​indoorsportsfacilities/​indoor-swimming-pools.html|indoor swimming pool]], [[https://​www.tampere.fi/​kulttuuri-ja-vapaa-aika/​liikunta/​liikuntapaikat/​sisaliikuntapaikat/​jaahallit/​hervanta.html|indoor ice rink]] and [[https://​fi.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Hervannan_vesitorni|water tower]]. Next to [[https://​www.virtualtampere.com/​eng/​hervannan-kirkko|Hervanta Church]] is a versatile[[https://​www.tampere.fi/​en/​culture-and-leisure/​sports/​sportsandexercisefacilities/​indoorsportsfacilities/​hervanta-leisure-centre.html|Leisure Centre]]. Hervanta also has own [[https://​www.tampere.fi/​en/​social-and-health-services/​health-services/​health-centres/​contact-information.html|Health Centre]] and the [[https://​www.virtualtampere.com/​eng/​hervannan-paloasema|fire station]] next to the [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​District_heating|district heating plant]]. 
 +The local [[https://​cinola.fi/​fi/​cinola/​cinola|movie theater]] hosts randomly concerts, showings and varied events.  
 +Local neighborhood association has collected Hervanta-related information to [[https://​www.hervanta.fi/​|Hervanta.fi]] website (in Finnish). Weekly newspaper [[https://​hervannansanomat.fi/​|Hervannan Sanomat]] reports about local events and news in Finnish. Ten [[http://​kohteenamaailma.fi/​kotimaa/​polkupyorareitti-hervannan-kohokohtiin/#​attachment_3199|local attractions]] (in Finnish).
-Alueella on hyvät ulkoilumahdollisuudet ja liikenneyhteydet. Kaikki Hervannan peruspalvelut kirjastosta uimahalliin ovat lähellä.+Hervanta has great oppoturnities for [[en:​ulkotilat#​sports and outdoor activities|sports and outdoor activities]] all year round.
 \\ \\
 \\ \\
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