Welcome to participate in tenant activity - Let’s make living fun at TTornit!

Tekniikantornit and Tieteentornit have a joint, active tenant committee.

All tenants are always welcome to join tenant activity! Everyone can participate by attending the meetings, events and activities. Participate and enjoy living at TTornit!

Oordinary, active tenants are the driving force of the tenant committee! All tenants are encouraged to participate actively in the tenant activities. In order to continue organizing the free events and activities, Tenant Committee always welcomes new people!

There are many ways to participate: game nights, barbeque, group activities, movie nights, social events, sauna…

Tenant committee provides all this:

Activity and various recreational events

Tenant Committee organizes free recreational events, activities and you are welcome to participate!

Games, tools and supplies for loan

Enjoy the collection of tabletop games, Xbox 360 console and 80“ HD-screen. A wide range of tools for crafting, assembling and installing furniture.

Wiki-style website: www.ttornit.info

The latest news and current information about upcoming events and activities. A very large knowledge base and tips how to enjoy living in TTornit.

Channel for ideas and feedback

Participate at the Tenant Committee meetings and voice your opinions! Ideas and feedback are always welcome!