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 ==== Common rooms in every building'​s key group ==== ==== Common rooms in every building'​s key group ====
-There is a small common room located near sauna or laundry rooms which have just very basic furnitureThese rooms can be used to wait your laundry program to finish or your sauna reservation to startA little bit bigger ​common rooms that have a kitchen also have high definition digital ​television ​which have HDMI / component / composite video inputs. ​You can use these televisions to watch programs or play a game with your own console with your friends through ​the night a bit louder than in your apartment.+Every building has a small common roomlocated near sauna or laundry rooms. ​The common ​rooms have only minimal furniture and serve mainly as a waiting room for sauna & laundry**Notice: All common room furniture must remain inside the room - please do not leave the chairs outside!**  
 +The Tenant Committee has equipped most of the common rooms with HD-ready flatscreen ​television ​(720p). Almost all TVs have HDMI / component / composite video inputs. ​Some of the common rooms have also (Finnish) magazines and books for all to readPlease return the magazines after reading them!